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Stanford Graduate School of Business

STRAMGT 207: Strategic Leadership (core MBA course)

This course examines fundamental issues of general management and leadership within an organization. Students learn about setting an organization's strategic direction, aligning structure to implement strategy, and leading individuals within the firm. Students master concepts, frameworks, and tools to assess an industry and a firm's competitive environment, and to craft alternatives. Additionally, students study the interplay among formal structure, informal networks, and culture in shaping organizational performance. By integrating leadership theory, the lessons of practical application, and your own experience, you will develop skills and capabilities essential to leading others. And you'll gain a better understanding of your own leadership preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

Washington University in St. Louis

BUS 603: PhD Seminar in Strategy and Organizations

This course is an overview of sociological approaches to the study of behavior in the context of markets and organizations – i.e. economic sociology and organizational theory (OT).  Drawing on sociological perspectives,  this  course  provides  an  overview  of literature related to  external  and  strategic influences on markets and organizations.

BUS 100: Intro to Management (core undergraduate course)

This course provides a thematic introduction to the world of business and provides an overview of some key concepts covered by many business courses.  While many of the courses you will take will necessarily be “how-to” courses, this course should be an early opportunity to think about the “big picture”—about business's role in society and in the world, and about the individual as an employee, customer, and manager of a business firm.  You will gain a foundation in core disciplines important to understanding and operating in the business world, including economics, sociology, and social psychology.  By gaining a deeper understanding of these core disciplines and the ways they affect management, you will be better prepared to face important challenges during your career.