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I am a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University earning doctorates from the Department of Management Science and Engineering and Department of Economics, specializing in areas of labor and public economics. I graduated form the W. P. Carey School at Arizona State University (Economics & Math), earning the honor of the Spring 2012 Outstanding Graduating Senior for both the Department of Economics and college-wide W. P. Carey School.

The work place is transforming at a rapid pace. Technology is evolving in a way that provides companies and employees alike with new opportunities to cultivate mutual value: performance management systems to aid in the provision of detailed feedback for improvement, software to help employees manage their time at work, and nuanced compensation plans to align incentives and engage employees in new and meaningful ways. These are just a few examples of the types of issues that have inspired me to delve deeply into labor and personnel economics. My research agenda broadly focuses on employee productivity and the effects of different compensation policies on employee performance and behavior.

While nearly all individuals spend most of their lives working, there is significant cross-sectional earnings heterogeneity even within narrowly defined occupations. What role does learning play in explaining this heterogeneity? My research suggests two underlying mechanisms: (a) incentive contracts and profit-sharing, and (b) the allocation of time towards deliberate practice. My work shows that these two are intimately tied: jobs with incentive pay provide individuals with greater incentives and opportunities to accumulate skills. Despite extensive theoretical work in the contracting literature, there is surprisingly little work linking contracts with human capital accumulation on either micro or macro levels. My research agenda is built around answering these types of questions using a combination of structural modeling and applied micro-econometric techniques. Below, you will find my CV, as well as a subset of my working papers.

Above all, I am a Christian with an immense appreciation for what Jesus has done for us. My worldview has led to a zeal for research and service. I count it a privilege to produce new ideas in collaboration with others.

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