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Public Opinion and Voter Behavior

The Causal Effects of Elite Position-Taking on Voter Attitudes: Field Experiments with Elite Communication (with Daniel Butler) American Journal of Political Science 61 no. 1. (2017). Replication data

Winner of the Best Paper Award from the APSA Experimental Research section.

Preaching To The Choir: Americans Avoid Communicating To Outpartisan Elected Officials (with Timothy J. Ryan) American Journal of Political Science 60 no. 4. (2016). Replication data

Minority Groups and Prejudice

Durably reducing transphobia: A field experiment on door-to-door canvassing (with Joshua Kalla) Science 352 no. 6282. (2016). Replication data
Black Politicians Are More Intrinsically Motivated To Advance Blacks' Interests: A Field Experiment Manipulating Political Incentives American Journal of Political Science 57 no. 3. (2013). Replication data

Winner of the Lawrence Longley Award for the best article on representation and electoral systems published in 2013 from the APSA Representation and Electoral Systems section.

Do Politicians Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislators (with Daniel M. Butler) American Journal of Political Science 55 no. 3. (2011). Replication data

Honored in Science

Elite Behavior

Campaign Contributions Facilitate Access to Congressional Officials: A Randomized Field Experiment (with Joshua Kalla) American Journal of Political Science 60 no. 3. (2016). Replication data
Mobilizing Candidates Journal of Experimental Political Science 1 no. 2. (2016).
The "Problem of Preferences": Medicare and Business Support for the Welfare State Studies in American Political Development 26 no. 2. (2012).

Political Polarization and Extremism

Bias In Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Political Elites (with Christopher Skovron) American Political Science Review Replication data
Having Their Cake and Eating It, Too: (Why) Local Party Leaders Prefer Nominating Extreme Candidates (with Nicholas Carnes, Melody Crowder-Meyer, and Christopher Skovron) Working Paper.
Approaches to Studying Policy Representation Legislative Studies Quarterly 41 no. 1. (2016). Replication data

Other Writing

Irregularities in LaCour (2014) (with Joshua Kalla and Peter Aronow) Replication data
Facebook: A New Frontier for Field Experiments (with Timothy Ryan) The Experimental Political Scientist