Update: In May 2013 I moved to a postdoc position in the Dept of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool, UK.

Health & social change

I am a postdoc in the Tuljapurkar Lab studying the dynamic relations of health, socio-economics and demography at the individual and population levels. My research applies a mix of statistical and mathematical models to questions on human health, ecology and evolution in historical and contemporary populations. See my Current projects and previous research on pre-industrial Finns.

My PhD investigated the historical demography of pre-industrial Finland with Dr Virpi Lummaa and Dr Andy Russell in the Dept of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield, UK. This took an evolutionary approach to socio-economic, fertility and mortality interactions; in a recent Ecology Letters paper I model how the child survival effects of intergenerational interactions modify the strength of natural selection on the timing of female menopause.

Before my PhD I worked on the Lundy Island House Sparrow Project with Dr Shinichi Nakagawa at the University of Sheffield, in the molecular ecology lab and in the field. I was also a field assistant on the behavior and demography of red colobus monkeys with Dr Kate Nowak on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania. These projects were between my PhD and BSc in Biological Sciences with Zoology honors at the University of Edinburgh in 2004.

I have an amazing wife and two greyhounds

Ozzie, Pearl & Becs