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Welcome to Justin T. Huang

I am a PhD candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on the job market during the 2017-2018 academic year. I can be reached via email at and by phone at +1 (630) 242-0039.

Justin Huang, Quantitative Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business

My research in Quantitative Marketing focuses on Platform Design, Pricing Dynamics, Social Networks, and e-Commerce.

I study how the design of platforms influences user behavior and explores this question through a series of studies. My job market paper, titled "Visibility Policy, Seller Incentives, and Pricing Dynamics in a Digital Goods Marketplace", examines a platform where search ranking placement is linked to historical sales. I capture the incentives induced by this linkage in a dynamic structural model and use the model to explain patterns in seller pricing decisions observed on the platform.

A second paper, titled "Effect of Attention and Recognition on Content Creation and Engagement: Experimental Results from a Large Social Network", details the design and implementation of an experiment that promotes content creators on Adobe’s Behance social network.

Some research in progress looks at variety-seeking and risk-taking behaviors by digital artists using image recognition techniques.

Curriculum Vitae