2015–2017     Principal Investigator, Anecdotes to Evidence: Examining the Body of Evidence for Environmental Education with Regard to Conservation, Wellbeing, Nature Connection, and Academic Outcomes, North American Association for Environmental Education

2015–2016     Co-Investigator, Investigating the Long-Term Impacts of Informal Science Learning at Zoos and Aquariums, NSF Science Learning Plus. Principal Investigators: Wildlife Conservation Society and the Zoological Society of London

2014–2016     Principal Investigator, Blue Habits: Motivating Lasting Pro-Ocean Behaviors among Nature-Based Travelers and Beyond, Oceanic Society

2014–2015     Principal Investigator, Community Conservation: Examining Environmental Behavior as Motivated by Participation in Aquarium Programs, Monterey Bay Aquarium

2014–2015     Principal Investigator, Evaluating the Impact of Field-Based Environmental Education Experiences on Stewardship Behavior, NatureBridge

2014–2015     Principal Investigator, Environmental Education for Academic Impact: Investigating the Empirical Basis of K-12 and Student Outcomes in the Environmental Education Field, Pisces Foundation

2012–2015     Principal Investigator, Environmental Learning in the San Francisco Bay Area: Networks, Place Connections, Stewardship, and Educational Outcomes, S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

2011–2013     Principal Investigator, Research-to-Practice: Translating Environmental Education Research for Practitioners, NatureBridge

2012–2013     Principal Investigator, Innovative Metrics in Field Science Education: Exploring Environmental Science Literacy and Sustainability Outcomes, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

2012–2013     Principal Investigator, Improving the Next Generation of Grantmaking through Building the Capacity of Foundation Program Officers in Evaluation and Adaptive Management, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Co-Investigator: C.R. Hibbs, Stanford Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society

2012–2014     Co-Investigator, Investigating the Value of Nature Centers in Communities, Institute for Museum and Library Sciences, National Audubon Society as Managing Partner with Sub-award to Stanford. Co-Investigators: Robert Petty, National Audubon Society; Marc Stern, Virginia Tech, Joe Heimlich, The Ohio State University

2011–2013     Principal Investigator, Facilitating Environmental Behavior: Leveraging Nature-based Tourism into Everyday Stewardship, Primary funding by the Environmental Ventures Projects Program of the Woods Institute for the Environment. Co-Investigator: William Durham, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University

2010–2013     Co-Investigator, Environmental Education to Motivate Energy-Efficient Behavior: Community-Based Interventions with the Girl Scouts of Northern California, U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E Program. Principal Investigator: Byron Reeves, Department of Communication, Stanford; Co- Investigator: Thomas Robinson, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford School of Medicine

2012     Principal Investigator, Review of Selected Units in California’s Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum, Pisces Foundation 

2012     Principal Investigator, Motivating Philanthropic Support and Environmental Behavior in Galapagos and Beyond, Celebrity Cruises and Galapagos Conservancy

2011     Principal Investigator, Designing Research to Strengthen Environmental Education in the Bay Area and Beyond, S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

2009–2011     Co-Investigator, Mapping Out-of-School Time: Examining Sense of Place and Self Efficacy among East Palo Alto Youth through a Collaborative Study, UPS Foundation. Co-Investigator: Milbrey McLaughlin, Graduate School of Education; the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities

2008–2013     Co-Investigator, TogetherGreen Research and Evaluation: Motivating Environmental Behavior and Achieving Environmental Conservation Outcomes through a Fellowship and Grants Program, National Audubon Society and Toyota Motor Corporation. Fiscal agent: Clemson University, Co-Investigators: Bob Powell, Clemson University; Marc Stern, Virginia Tech

2010–2011     Co-Investigator, The Value of Nature Centers to Communities: Building a Sense of Place and Motivating Stewardship, Institute of Museum and Library Services. Fiscal agent: National Audubon Society. Co-Investigators: Judy Braus, National Audubon Society; Joe Heimlich, The Ohio State University; Marc Stern, Virginia Tech

2011     Principal Investigator, Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Visitors to the Snakes and Lizards Traveling Exhibition at the California Academy of Sciences, California Academy of Sciences

2010     Principal Investigator, Research on Effective Practices in Teacher Professional Development in Environmental Education, NatureBridge and the S. D. Bechtel, Jr., Foundation

2009–2010      Principal Investigator, Evaluation Research of the First Nations Futures Fellows Program: Building Leadership for the Future, Kamehameha Schools and Woods Institute for the Environment

2007–2009     Principal Investigator, Philanthropic Support of Environmental Education: Trends and Opportunities, Switzer Foundation in partnership with the Environmental Grantmakers Association 

2005–2009     Research Lead, Bringing Buildings to Life: The Impact of Green Buildings on Environmental Knowledge, Behavior, and Connection to Place among Middle School Students and Teachers, Principal Investigator: Stephen R. Kellert, Yale University

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