Post-Trip Philanthropic Intentions among Visitors in Galapagos

TitlePost-Trip Philanthropic Intentions among Visitors in Galapagos
Publication TypeJournal Articles
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsArdoin NM, Wheaton M., Hunt C.A., Schuh JS, Durham W.
Secondary TitleJournal of Ecotourism
Researchers and practitioners often highlight the potential for nature-based tourism and environmental conservation to function symbiotically, with favourable outcomes for visitors and the environment alike. This paper draws on data from two sets of passengers on weeklong cruises in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador to explore philanthropic intentions resulting from such nature-based tourism experiences. Our findings suggest that the Galapagos experience fosters enjoyment of the environment, new knowledge about that environment, an affective connection with the environment and the local wildlife, and an interest in sharing those connections with others – trip characteristics that are related with intentions to philanthropically support environmental conservation in the Galapagos. Visitors in this study also exhibited values that related to the amounts they were willing to donate in support of a philanthropic fund for the islands’ conservation needs. This study contributes to the emerging scholarship on travel-related conservation behaviour and travel philanthropy. 
Keywords: nature-based tourism; ecotourism; behavioural intentions; conservation behaviour; travel philanthropy; Galapagos

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