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The Limits to Partial Banking Unions: A Political Economy Approach, Accepted, American Economic Review, November 2017.


Working Papers

Value for Money? Vote-Buying and Politician Accountability in the Laboratory with Jessica Leight, Rohini Pande, Laura Ralston, December 2017 (submitted). Online Appendix
A Model of Complexity, with Vladimir Asriyan, Victoria Vanasco, November 2017. (draft coming soon).

Unification versus Separation of Regulatory Institutions, with Takuo Sugaya, February 2017.

Politically Feasible Public Bailouts, April 2015.

Optimal Bailouts Under Partially Centralized Bank Supervision, April 2014.


Work in Progress

Domestic Politics and the Adoption of Supranational Regulation

Cycles of Self-Regulation, with Steve Callander and Ken Shotts (preliminary work)