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Published Papers

Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An Application to a School Choice Mechanism (with Nikhil Agarwal), Econometrica, 86(2):391-444, 2018

An Algorithm to Estimate the Two-Way Fixed Effect Model, (with Frank Wolak), Journal of Econometric Methods, 5(1): 143-152, 2015

Market Power in Customer Markets (with Liran Einav),  The Journal of Industrial Economics, 61: 938–986, 2013

Working Papers

An Empirical Framework for Sequential Assignment: The Allocation of Deceased Donor Kidneys   (with Nikhil Agarwal, Itai Ashlagi, Michael Rees, and Daniel Waldinger )

Competition and Interdependent Costs in Highway Procurement

Identification in Auction Models with Interdependent Costs

Path-Dependent Import-Substitution Policies: The Case of Argentina in the 20th Century (with Sebastian Galiani)